How to Buy

Follow our simple 3 step process to get you on your way to owning your dream watch

  1. Register for a free account - you can do that here
  2. Make your auction deposit of £500 before the auction goes live
  3. Log in on the day of the auction and place your bids

At, we are always upfront about our fees and promise we will always be completely transparent with you.

We only charge a 16% buyers fee (plus VAT) compared to a standard 20% across other auction houses.

Let us tell you why is the perfect place to buy a watch:

  • The authenticity of all watches is confirmed prior to each auction
  • A full photo gallery as well as a 360 degree video is provided for each watch in the auction
  • Estimates and guide prices are provided by us on all watches
  • Extensive security checks are undertaken on all watches
  • Experienced staff are on hand for any queries you may have
  • Only secure payment facilities are used for added peace of mind
  • All watches are beautifully and securely packaged and delivered straight to your door


Our 7-day Assurance Policy

For all purchases and sales through, our 7-day assurance policy is applied so as to ensure both buying and selling is the easiest process for all parties.

Once a successful purchase has been made, an invoice will be produced and funds requested to be transferred in to our secure bank account within 2 business days. As the watch will already be securely stored by us at this point, we will contact you to see if you would prefer to collect or have the watch delivered. All watches come with a minimum 1 year warranty, copy of your receipt of payment and a copy of “The Watch Register” certified and completed check certificate.

For a full breakdown of fees and costs please visit our terms of business here